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  1. hodgeman says:

    Kim and I are so extremely pleased with the level of care and attention our daughter receives at the daycare that we only wish we had taken our son there over the past couple before he started school.

    The staff are uber-friendly and so supportive. They made our child feel at home from day one and their communication is reassuring.

  2. Carrington Family says:

    The care, love and education Isabella has received during her time with you has been second to none, we have never had a moments doubt in leaving our child in your collective warm, and safe hands. We truly cannot thank you enough and we know Isabella feels the same, her early childhood experience has been enhanced by the magic you do.

  3. Jaimee says:

    Thank you so much for taking care of Charlotte. You all will be truly missed.

  4. Michelle says:

    Having relocated from Auckland we were very apprehensive about where to put our baby girl and then we found The Ole Schoolhouse 😉 It is absolutely magical and a real relief as full time working parents to know our little one is in such fantastic care and receiving a very valuable early educational experience! Kira has been there since she was 4 months old, her development has been beyond anything we could ask for – thank you each and every person at The Ole Schoolhouse!!!

  5. Robyn says:

    We made the decision to change daycares for Makenna when she was around 15 months. Since joining The Ole Schoolhouse family she has become a lovely sociable and confident little girl. We noticed after the first month how much happier she was and how much she enjoyed going.
    We love the way that she is supported in her interests and feelings and how she is able to grow and extend her knowledge and gain more confidence.
    We love being a part of this centre!

  6. Brianna says:

    I feel kind of sad to think I won’t be dropping my daughter there anymore now she has gone to school. Such a great place, Eric and Julie are awesome

  7. Kerekere Family says:

    We are so happy that Beau and Hunter got to experience what we call “the little community” at the Ole Schoolhouse. The environment is inviting and enriched with learning experiences, the teachers friendly, easy to get along with, and always informative, and the food organic!
    Not once did we ever leave Beau and Hunter and worry about how they were, which as a parent is the best feeling. We loved listening about what the boys learnt and what they did each day with their friends.
    We were sad to leave the Schoolhouse and have no hesitations in recommending this outstanding centre.
    Thanks to Eric & Julie and all the amazing teachers 🙂

  8. Kat says:

    I am in absolute awe with the amount of growing progress Tukino is learning everyday. His accomplishments in his moving, crawling, physical growth, talking and confidence is so strong. He is an eager baby who wants to basically hurry up and start walking and running after everyone. He is now not only pulling himself up towards furniture but he is now letting go and trying to balance himself for a couple of seconds which is amazing. He is in love with his Daycare teachers who love and adore him (also known as “the aunties”) and it is such a relief for me knowing that I have the most loving, caring, kind hearted people looking after and loving my babies. I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful care and love you share to not only my babies but everyones babies. Mwah xx

  9. Michelle says:

    My daughter has been going to the Ole Schoolhouse since she was 4 months old and whilst i felt guilty as a mother (but having no choice) the Ole schoolhouse made it so easy and reassuring for me that I was completely relaxed about going back to work! My daughter absolutely loves it and calls everyone there ‘her peoples. I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone who wants a ‘home away from home’ environment for their child!

  10. Rachael says:

    When we went to visit the Ole Schoolhouse before we enrolled our son, I knew it was going to be the perfect daycare for him (along with the good things I had heard from friends and family). On our first day, we were made to feel like family and nothing has changed.My son walks around the place like it’s his own. He is loved, he is taught, he is happy and all of the other children seem just as happy as our boy.The staff are awesome, funny, friendly and treat the kids like their own. We love the Ole Schoolhouse!

  11. Louise says:

    We absolutly love it here, I couldn`t have asked for a better place to take my son, the staff are fantastic and always go above and beyond it doesn`t feel like a daycare more like family, my son is always taking about how much fun he has there even on the weekends he wants to go to ” school “!:-)

  12. Deanna says:

    As a first time mum, who had a severely clingy baby who suffered extreme seperation anxiety at an early age, I was dreading making the decision on which daycare was best to send him too when I returned to work. We honestly visited 13 other daycares in Rotorua. I was recommended to visit the ole school house by a work colleague and I was not disappointed, the vibe I got when I first walked through those doors was so inviting, so friendly, like being part of a new family, It was a slow transition for our son leaving him for an hour at a time for a few days until he was getting use to different surroundings, different teachers. He has gone from such a clingy baby to such a social confident little boy, he loves it there, walks in like he owns the place, has a true sense of community and belonging, loves loves loves all his teachers, goes to everyone for cuddles. His language, behaviour and social skills have developed so much. The staff at the ole school house really are like family and treat my son like one of their own. We have had a severe reflux baby for most of his life nothing has ever been a problem, I love that they have a onsite full kitchen where home made meals are prepared every day all day. He loves going to “school” every day. He is so happy there, so confident. I can go to work with peace of mind, that he is so truly happy there, he is loved , cared for, cuddled, taught, and his milestones are honestly so advanced for his age and I give credit alot to his daycare teachers. At only 17 months of age, knows almost all his teachers by first names. I love the variety of things the kids get involved in on a daily basis. They truly value each child and promote them to be an individual, They really do go above and beyond for every single child. We love love love it there. He started when he was 9 months old, he is now 17 months old and I have every intention of keeping him there until the day he starts school, I keep recommending all my friends with new babies check them out but seems they are so popular there is now a waiting list. Thank you soo soo much for making it such an awesome transition for my son to start daycare and peace of mind that my son is soo happy there. You guys are awesome, I cant say enough how much we love it there. Best day care in Rotorua Hands down !!!

  13. Ben says:

    Our two and a half year old has been going to the Ole Schoolhouse for about two years and we could not be any happier with the level of care and overall experience. The owners and staff have done an amazing job building it up to an exceptional standard and have covered all bases in regards to the children’s welfare including their education, emotional and physical development and their sense of belonging/ community. It is obvious that a great deal of thought has gone into everything they do and they are constantly looking of ways to improve their service. When our son was younger he had a reaction to lactose, the Ole schoolhouse team went more than the extra mile to cater for his nutritional needs and to ensure that he didn’t feel left out at meal/ snack times when the other children were eating different foods. Our grandson now attends and his mother is equally impressed with the standard of care as we are. All the little extras like the family days out all contribute to the overall experience and I very pleased to see that they have been rated along side the best in the country. I couldn’t recommend the Ole Schoolhouse enough!!

  14. Desiree says:

    My daughter has been attending the Oleschool house since she was 7 months old. Kaea is now 2 years 5 months and loves being a part of the Ole School house family. She is always happy to go and see the wonderful teachers there. I was so pleased that I picked the Ole School house after looking at 10 other daycares. I would highly recommended the Ole school house to any one looking for a daycare for there child.The staff are amazing!!! So friendly, kind and genuine. They are all a part of our family and I do not want Kaea to ever leave.Her vocabulary and skills are continually improving and she is always singing new songs.Thank you so much Julie, Eric and all the staff for making my child journey to daycare a positively perfect one, we love you 🙂

  15. Isabel says:

    对我來说,幼儿园最重要的是老师亲切和设施好。Oleschool house 的老师非常好!对小朋友有爱心和耐心.她们对待小朋友像她们自己的小孩,照顾非常周到。一天五餐都是新鲜有营养。我两个小孩都非常喜欢 Oleschool house.每天我去接她们,都玩得不想回家。Ole School house设施好,玩具多。室内的户外的都很齐全。我的两个小孩子每天在幼儿园就像在家一样。

  16. Levi says:

    The most important and valuable asset of this daycare are very focused on Children’s needs. First, it cares for children’s health and nutrition therefore provides healthy meals as well as teaching children table manner during meal time. Secondly, quality tutoring everyday learning different aspect no matter how many times they go through with children. Thirdly, my son is enjoying the friendly environment therefore I highly recommend this daycare to any parent. I will definitely put my second son there when he turns 1.

  17. Allayna says:

    I love the Ole Schoolhouse! I have my two children there and the teachers are super supportive and work alongside parents to provide the best care for individual children. I feel confident to talk to the teachers about anything I have to. I changed Maiah and Marlea from another daycare to the Ole Schoolhouse and it was the best choice I ever made. I love being a part of the Ole Schoolhouse and my girls love going to see their teachers and friends. 🙂 🙂

  18. Cheryl says:

    我有兩個小孩一個快四歲一個兩歲,去過ROTORUA幾個幼兒園參觀與學習過 直到遇到THE OLE SCHOOLHOUSE這個學校才讓我放心跟安心的將我們的寶貝小孩託付給他們 因為每個老師都很友善及細心,讓小孩子都不抗拒去上學,喜歡待在學校 有時候去接他們時候他們還不想回家, 所以讓忙於工作的我們可以專心工作.

  19. Ngahuia says:

    We couldnt be happier about choosing The Ole Schoolhouse for our daughter Margaret to attend. She has learned so much from being there, staff and other students are so welcoming when I drop my daughter off in the mornings. Highly recommend 110%

  20. Aleisha says:

    This truly is a five star place to be! Since starting our son at the Ole Schoolhouse approx. 8 months ago we couldn’t be happier! I’m actually ever so grateful we found the place wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. For us it all comes down to the staff they are amazing each and every one of them. Our son has a daily book were we see everything he’s been up to also email pictures and stories we feel very kept up to date with his progress. They are very vigilant with nappy changes, and also provide wholesome an nutritious food. Every time I turn up there is not one kid out of place or upset, they are very in touch with every child’s needs and its very obvious. Our son loves it there it is very much like a second home with a family like feel. Highly recommend!!!:-)

  21. Wickett says:

    Going back to work and finding a daycare for our 11 month old son was not going to be an easy task but the teachers at The Ole Schoolhouse made the transition for both my son and me a very smooth and easy one. I feel confident that he is the best care while I am at work and know that he feels happy, safe, secure and loved there as much as he is at home. We get regular updates via book and emails on his progress and he gets healthy nutritional lunches every day. Our son’s language, confidence, social skills and growth has come along in leaps in bounds. His teachers are AMAZING and always make us and any other family members that visit feel welcome when we arrive. Highly recommend to anyone!!!

  22. Andrina says:

    We moved our son’s ECE to Rotorua from Hamilton, where I was happy enough with the ECE, but I can honestly say the difference in the ECE is night and day, Our son runs in to the school house in the morning and is a happy sociable child. As a first time parent I have lots of questions, which the staff are always happy to answer and to guide me. The centre provides a safe learning environment which is child centered and diverse – a wonderful place to see you little one play and learn!

  23. Marlene says:

    From day one when my grandchild started, I felt this was the right place for him, observing the efficient running of the centre, with warmth and caring and the children’s welfare paramount, operated and run by trained professional staff to create an optimum learning environment with a home like feel. I feel rest assured my grandson and all the other children there have the best pre school and daycare facility to help their development.

  24. Tuhura Whanau says:

    Our precious kotiro has attended The Ole Schoolhouse since she was seven months old. She is nearly three now and it is like a second home and family for her. The staff are so carefully chosen and all are so attentive of the children’s needs including learning a particular oriori for our girl. They are very culturally inclusive and we love that. The feedback and learning stories help us understand her progress and development as well as suggest further steps we can do at home. The weekly newsletters also help in keeping us informed about what is happening at the centre as well as relevant news or events and reminders.
    Being part of the Ole Schoolhouse community has been fantastic for both our child and our whanau. As an educator myself I really can’t recommend this centre highly enough.

  25. Lin Tang says:

    My daughter stayed in Ole school house when she was 2 and half months. I felt this was the right place for her. She feels warm here and this is the second home for my daughter. The staffs here are professional and they care and share every moment of my daughter with me. My daughter learned much from here.

  26. Pip says:

    My daughter has been attending The Ole School House for over six months. She first attended at 7 months. During this time she has reached many milestones and it’s been great being able to share her journey with her teachers. It’s so nice to know that my daughter is in the best hands ever and gets all love and attention she needs. The wonderful staff are always friendly and caring. I couldn’t have asked for a better childcare.

  27. Margo says:

    I would highly recommend The Ole Schoolhouse to anyone looking for a happy, safe, nutrition filled (home hot cooked meals every lunch!), friendly, excellent learning and facilities (inside and out) childcare with genuinely loving, caring Educators who enjoy children and working at The Ole Schoolhouse.

  28. Gagandeep Kaur says:

    My baby started at the Ole Schoolhouse when she was three months old and now she’s going to be 1 very soon. Her teachers are like her masis (aunties) who love her immensely. There is genuine love, care and affection and you can see it on the happy and joyful faces of the children here. I can feel that my baby is calm and contended and always busy exploring the wide range of resources in the environment. I can very confidently say that it is like a second home for my baby girl.

  29. Sarah says:

    After researching our options for daycare for our son and visiting local centres we found The Ole Schoolhouse. The moment we walked in we knew we had found the loving, caring, clean, nurturing, friendly and safe environment we were searching for. The children are happy and the teachers cannot be faulted. The communication is excellent and the facilities, toys, books, resources, house-made food, play areas, ever changing decorations, and celebration days are brilliant!

  30. Agnes says:

    OLE SCHOOLHOUSE這所幼兒園,周邊的朋友評價都很高,老實說…當時有點半信半疑,因為太多人說好,那到底是好在哪邊阿?? 還要先預約排隊 ?還要等待!…… 讓人實在好奇!! 直到某日的下午,先生提議帶孩子去拜訪幼兒園,順便看看孩子的反應如何?
    你真的要親身去感受,這種放心託付的感覺 ,這是文字無法表達出來,真的!

  31. Deanna says:

    Putting my son (at 11mths) in daycare was a scary time, but the wonderful staff at the Ole Schoolhouse made not only my son but myself and my husband feel welcome and supported. The way they cared for me, and sent me updates on my son during the day if he had been particularly upset when I left – which was just lovely to know that they were wanting to help keep my mind at ease. My son just loves it there, and has been making friends. The thing I like the most is that the staff GENUINELY care for and form bonds with the children.

  32. Mia says:

    I put my son in the care of the staff at the Ole Schoolhouse just before his first birthday and during the transition process saw the tender care and concern the staff had for him and their genuine desire to ensure he was comfortable and happy. After a few weeks I can say with confidence that my son is very happy at the centre and is totally content in the presence of the friendly caring staff there. It’s like his second home, an extended family for us both and I love how they have welcomed me coming in to breastfeed my son at lunch and before we leave in the afternoon. Would definitely recommend to others.

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